Paul Gogulski is the top choice in Construction Expert Witnesses because he combines technical expertise, practical know-how, and exceptional communication skills, with air-tight logic that withstands intense scrutiny. His in depth knowledge of construction allows him to analyze every aspect of your construction related case and pinpoint the issues you must comprehend in order to win.

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Hertz attorneys then continued: “Let’s start out with Mr. Gogulski’s report, and go page by page…Four hours later, the settlement conference concluded that “wrongful termination” was not justified, and all amounts due Hertz claimed by Mr. Gogulski were correct.

None of the four plaintiff attorneys, or the expert hired by the contractor, could dispute any of the facts stated in Mr. Gogulski’s forensic report.

“Thanks for all your great work; it helped us settle this case yesterday”

– Eugene Backus, Esq

is one of Las Vegas’s “Super Lawyers” as designated by the American Bar Association

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Paul is highly technical, yet easily understandable

Paul has the knowledge and know how to stand up to the claims of other experts. He can explain your side of the case in a precise and easy to comprehend way all parties can understand.

Paul identifies and explains key and critical issues

Paul delivers more than just the textbook answers that many witnesses provide. His answers are based on the real world know-how and experience of construction and engineering. He applies this expertise to every case.

Paul's great command of his trade provides reliability

Paul offers predictability as an expert witness, not surprises. He is someone who won’t stumble when scrutinized and will deliver irrefutable answers every time.

Paul is thorough yet very efficient

Paul delivers his expertise in a timely manner you can depend on. Time is valuable, and delay can cost you the case. His concern is to bring clarity to your case and help you win…not milk the clock for a higher fee.

“I’ve testified on cases against PhD.’s who wrote the reference manuals used in court. When opposing counsel stretches the facts and hires experts to do the same, I use my engineering background and common sense approach in order to establish credibility and prevail in court.”

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…we attribute the successful conclusion of this matter in no small part to your professional efforts

“We appreciate your work on behalf of {client} and attribute the successful conclusion of this matter in no small part to your professional efforts. We very much appreciated working with you and receiving your expert opinion in this matter. We will maintain your C.V. on file in anticipation of utilizing your services in future litigation.”

– Lewis E. Baker

RP, Legal Assistant for Thomas Van Flein Esq*., Clapp, Peterson, Stowers, Attorneys at Law Anchorage, Alaska

*Thomas Van Flein is Sara Palin’s personal attorney

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Are you a Construction Company or Business needing a top expert at any phase of the construction process?
Just as companies have trusted our careful scrutiny in preparing for cases… Fortune 100 companies, the government, and other organizations of all sizes have depended on Gogulski & Associates to consult them at all stages of construction. We offer complete reviews of projects, designs, scheduling, budgeting and project management to ensure the successful completion of projects on budget, on time and without setbacks.

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Construction Consulting Expertise List

Paul Gogulski, a 4-time OSHA certified trainer, will expertly review your job site for violations and areas of concern. He’ll then provide a clear step-by-step plan to resolve any issues.

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Paul Gogulski has plenty of experience with OSHA. He’s received specialized education from the University of California in OSHA 500 training in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012. He is a Certified Construction Industry Trainer, and specializes in OSHA compliance and quality control.

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Got questions or concerns about your construction agreement? Paul’s 25 plus years of high level project management will bring clarity and a trusted non-biased eye to even the nuanced aspects of any complex agreement.

Gogulski & Associates’ building code compliance expert is well versed in all kinds of building code standards, including ASHRAE, NFPA, ASTM, ASCE and the International Code Council, which can oftentimes be the ruling board over municipal and federal codes.

If you are ever in need of a second opinion or need to know the rendering of the building code, which must adhere to the current building code of that specific origin, consult a Gogulski & Associates building code compliance expert. With years of experience, a building code compliance expert can assist you in any ways that are needed, including supportive legal action.

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Regulations governing the industry are growing, increasing the cost of regulatory compliance. This additional complexity increases risk to an already complex process. Gogulski & Associates uses proactive and effective risk management processes which are vital in ensuring success–even on projects with short duration periods and a small budget.

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We form an opinion the old fashion way…. observe, listen, touch, feel, smell, and ask questions, lots of questions. We carefully gather the relevant facts and then we think about our experience in the same or similar situation. When we arrive at an opinion, it is well founded and stands up to the most exacting cross examination in court.

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Is your structure deteriorating or unable to protect you against the elements of wind, air, and temperature? Our experts specialize in resolving issues within your building envelope.

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Leaking windows not only let in water, but let in air that can produce damage and discomfort. When this happens, an expert is needed to get to the root of the problem. Gogulski & Associates has the experience and expertise that is called for to diagnose the window leakage problem and thoroughly remedy the situation.

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Gogulski & Associates offers both structural and roofing expertise with professionals who have proven effective in recovery of damages from rain, hail and hurricanes. In addition, our expertise includes a former insurance adjuster who has extensive experience as a roofing subcontractor.

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Failures in construction are mostly attributable to human error; however, when the structure itself fails, Gogulski & Associates has the ability and failure analysis experts to analyze the design for compliance to local building codes and provide effective resolutions with field investigations and redesign, if necessary

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Paul brings the same thorough investigative work he does for lawyers to your construction site. Whether a second opinion is needed to an expert report, we have specialized in this area for 15 years.

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The insurance claim experts at Gogulski and Associates use their experience and knowledge to gather facts, needed to re-create the claim, and produce a balanced complete review for your company.

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We have expert answers to your questions about the ground involved in your construction projects. Click below for more details about our geotechnical associate Professor Roman Hryciw, who is also the University of Michigan’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s Associate Chairman.

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When your project or case calls for analysis on heaver edifices such as bridges our specialist and Lead Structural Engineering Consultant Andy Richardson provides thorough investigations for all cases involving structural defects.

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When you need a civil engineering expert call on Paul who has overseen and consulted on large projects for the US Army Core of Engineers, the Southwest Corridor project in Boston, and projects for New York City Transit Authority.

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